Lisa Onstad teaches dynamic workshops in the areas of book arts and painting. Students in both fields will delight in learning new techniques and experimenting with mixed media. Lisa’s techniques promote risk taking and celebrate accidents, and students will be encouraged to embrace the unknown and welcome serendipity into their creative process.


The Unbound Book: Exploring Painting Techniques for Book Artists

Students will create a collection of hand-painted flash cards to construct a narrative that can be read in many different ways by reordering the cards. This workshop teaches techniques such as sanding and stenciling, and students will edition their hand-painted pieces to exchange with their classmates. Students will experiment with a variety of different mediums including acrylic paint, colored pencil and beeswax to create beautiful, layered surfaces. Participants will also construct a paper case to hold their project. All skill levels are welcome.


A Recipe Box of Acrylic Painting Techniques

In this workshop, participants learn recipes for creating rich, beautiful surfaces on their acrylic paintings. Working on museum board mounted to board and wood, students will experiment with techniques such as sanding, stenciling and inscribing to add depth and texture to their work. A variety of mixed media will be introduced, including color pencils and beeswax. Students are encouraged to explore and cook up as many combinations of techniques and mediums this class offers, going home with a full recipe box of samples to inspire their future work.  All skill levels are welcome.