EcoEditions, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland Oregon, 2013

In 1957 the Columbia river was dammed at Celilo Falls, inundating ten thousand years of native culture and a thriving river ecosystem. My artist book Submerged depicts this event with poignant text and hand-painted imagery. The physical structure of the book captures both the flow and stasis of Celilo Falls: the opening movement of the book mirrors cascading water and the static pages reference a dam wall. In combination, these elements illustrate the complex social and ecological impact dams have on individuals, communities and the environment.

Submerged, a flag book, is housed in a hand-made clamshell box which includes a time-line documenting the building of The Dalles Dam and flooding of Celilo Village. It features hand-painted pages with acrylic paint on Rives BFK paper and typewritten text on Hanemuhle Bugra paper. Original artwork and text by the artist. It is 3.5” x 6.25” closed, and 16” x 6.25” when open. Variable edition of 3