In Progress


I’ve got ten big panels ¬†prepped and one painting finished for my upcoming show in August. I’ll be showing paintings at the West Linn Public library and I have a big space to fill. I optimistically planned on finishing three paintings a month during the next 6 months. Ha! My process is SLOW…first there is the underpainting. Next, progress with pretty colors and shapes, then a destructive phase to mess-up all the pretty. And lastly, a fix-it stage (more about my process later). Oh, and besides my process, life gets in the way too. Realistically, I’m hoping for 9 finished pieces. Wish me luck.



I love making artist’s books! I enjoy searching for all the different materials I get to incorporate into one project. Mouldmade paper from Germany, special-order cloth from New York and colorful ribbons. I went to three different stores, including a Ribbonry to find exactly the right shade of green ribbon. Figuring out how I’m going to combine all these different materials is totally engaging. And that’s why I love book arts – I lose myself in the details.