The Importance of Play













Crossing over the threshold into a creative space can be daunting at times – it often takes me an hour or more to really leave the world behind and lose myself in my practice. But if I allow myself to play before tackling a painting in progress, I can enter into a joyful headspace that allows my creative energy to flow more quickly and freely. I begin all of my paintings in play mode – experimenting with collage, drawing with crayons and laying down fields of color. As I connect these random shapes and marks – a narrative slowly begins to emerge and I’m on my way.

The Evolution of a Painting

Phase One – first layers

Phase Two – adding detail

Phase Three – finished painting

Sometimes it’s hard to know when a painting is finished. In phase one of this painting I was in the beginning stages of playing with shapes – and while I really liked the story that was emerging, I felt like it needed more. In phase two I added more shapes, color and collaged elements, but the focal point of the painting got lost in the details. In phase three, I kept some of the visual interest from phase two but toned down the colors to let the story sing – the inner workings of “Henry’s Wind Machine”. My son Henry is a sailor and I often imagine him figuring out different solutions to shift the direction or amount of wind to his liking.

North Coast

Ebb Tide, Acrylic, pencil, collage on panel, 12 x 12 in, 2021

I’m pleased to share that I am now represented by RiverSea Gallery in Astoria Oregon. This Fall my work was included  in Contemplating the Edge, a group landscape show inspired by the North Coast. Here are a few more paintings inspired by the Oregon Coast, where I spend several weeks of the year trolling for shells, exploring tide pools and playing in the dunes.

In Cahoots

This October I spent a week at In Cahoots Residency in Northern California, where I had fun experimenting with wood type, letterpress printing, and collage. Being in a new setting with uninterrupted hours in the studio, and free time to explore Petaluma was a welcome break from my regular routine. The work I created while there was a collaboration with all In Cahoots has to offer – space, time, connection, nature, cats, and so much more. Thanks Macy! 


Bliss and Other Stories

Cross Country (Finding Jabu)
Acrylic, pencil and collage on panel, 32”x34”, 2021

In my new series of paintings, Bliss and Other Stories, I continue to investigate connection to place and self in my layered abstract landscapes. Inspired by my personal and emotional connection to the high Sierra, my new work is a tribute to the peace and freedom nature brings in times of hardship.

Ten percent of all sales will be donated to the Clean Air Task Force.

Bliss and Other Stories

June 1 – 27, 2021

First Thursday:  June 3, gallery open 5:30-8:30pm│Artist will be present

Artist Reception: Friday, June 4, 5:30-8:30 at the Gallery

Online Artists’ Talk: Sunday, June 20, 11am │ Zoom

Studio Companion

Meet Andy, my 9 month old Golden Retriever. When he’s not raiding my trash or getting paint on his paws, he’s a charming studio companion!

Small Works for Sale!

During my exhibition Low Tide, I’ll be exhibiting a collection of ten small landscape studies inspired by my travels to Monterey Bay California. I began getting ready for my upcoming December 2019 show at Waterstone Gallery by painting in several different sketchbooks following my trip last spring. I filled pages with blocks of color and loose brushstrokes, not giving much thought to color combinations and composition but at the same time trying to capture the essence of this magical coastline.

Low Tide – December 3-29

Artist Reception – December 4, 5-8

Waterstone Gallery – 124 NW 9th, Portland Oregon

First Layers to Finished

Sometimes it take a few tries to get a painting right and even then I’m not totally convinced it’s finished. But I usually know when to just stop working on a painting, right or not. This new piece, A Strange and Beautiful String of Jewels, went through a few awkward stages and a few sublime stages and here we are. Come see it in my December show Low Tide at Waterstone Gallery.

Low Tide – Solo Show

Whaler’s Cove, acrylic on panel, 15 x 18 in, 2019

In my December 2019 exhibition, Low Tide at Waterstone Gallery, I continue to investigate one’s connection to place and self in my abstract landscape paintings. Inspired by my personal and emotional connection to the turquoise blue coastline of Northern California, I revisit family history in an effort to understand the ebb and flow of memory, migration and the ocean’s tides. The exhibit runs from December 3 – 29.

Sitka Center Art Invitational

Pajaro Dunes, Acrylic on panel, 15 x 18 in, 2019
Moss Landing, Acrylic on panel, 15 x 18 in, 2019

This past weekend I was honored to support Sitka Center for Art and Ecology by participating in their annual art fundraiser extravaganza. I had the pleasure of teaching there several years ago as well as take a summer workshop – it is a magical place. Nestled in a cove, just south of Neskowin on the Oregon coast, classrooms open onto meadow views with the ocean surf just audible in the background. A truly inspiring place to make art!