The Gift


My art group is reading Lewis Hyde’s The Giftwhich has been described as a “manifesto of sorts for anyone who makes art”. Hyde talks about the importance of inner gifts becoming visible, shared and accepted, but not as a commodity. The gift must pass through many hands – be on a continuing journey, in order to retain it’s power to touch and move people.  I sent this little painting out into the world recently, as an anonymous gift for someone I’ve never met, who is going through a hard time. In his book, Hyde retells many folk stories all with a common theme – giving, often spontaneously to those in need, which keeps the cycle of giving in forward motion. Although I don’t know how my gift was received, I do know that I have already been rewarded with the gift of art, many times over since I gave away that painting – I connected with some like-minded artists in a recent workshop, saw a truly inspiring show of paintings and sold a painting. It doesn’t hurt to make a little money with your art!

The Painted Violin


I was invited to participate in a fundraiser for the Portland Youth Philharmonic and we were asked to paint a violin. It was one of those projects you impulsively say yes to and then regret. I had no idea what to do with a violin and I had a few false starts. But in the end I was happy with my finished violin. Despite my initial regrets, I ended up enjoying the process. Go to here to see the finished project and help support an amazing group of musicians.