Gallery Visit


This weekend while visiting family in Berkeley, California – I took a side trip across the bay to sunny Marin County. There, I saw an intimate show of works on paper by Richard Diebenkorn.  Hosted by the College of Marin and organized by the Diebenkorn Trust, the exhibit consisted of small collages, drawings and gouaches never before shown. Growing up in the Bay Area with an art-loving mother, I was exposed to Diebenkorn’s work at a young age. I loved his bright colors, and later as a beginning painter, I was influenced by his compositions – especially his Ocean Park series. His work still speaks to me today – he is an artist I will revisit again and again.

Studio Visit – In Cahoots Press

Book Artist Macy Chadwick proofing a copy of Observations on Listening


Mismatch, a collaboration using images from three artists

On a recent trip to the Bay Area, I had the pleasure of visiting book artist Macy Chadwick in her Oakland studio. She was hard at work on Observations of Listening, a collaboration with artist Jen McKnight.  As her press name suggests, Macy loves collaborating with other artists and I found evidence of this scattered throughout her cozy backyard studio. Images, notes and letters from her peers decorated her studio walls. Macy welcomes collaborations because of the energy it brings to her art and states that “it’s a visual conversation with other artists”. Macy and I collaborated on a project several years ago and it was a fantastic experience which I hope to repeat!

Studio Visit – Paulson Press

Etching press

During a recent Bay Area visit, my sister and I made a spontaneous decision to visit Paulson Press, a fine art press in Berkeley, Ca. I’m so glad we stopped by. We were invited into their studio and immediately the familier smell of the ink transported me back to my printmaking days. We got to snoop around the presses, supplies and check out work in progress. A recent set of prints by illustrator Maira Kalman was pinned to the wall and three large prints by sculpter Martin Puryear were spread out on a large work table. It was sublime!