Studio Visit – Paulson Press

Etching press

During a recent Bay Area visit, my sister and I made a spontaneous decision to visit Paulson Press, a fine art press in Berkeley, Ca. I’m so glad we stopped by. We were invited into their studio and immediately the familier smell of the ink transported me back to my printmaking days. We got to snoop around the presses, supplies and check out work in progress. A recent set of prints by illustrator Maira Kalman was pinned to the wall and three large prints by sculpter Martin Puryear were spread out on a large work table. It was sublime!

In The Studio

arylic flower painting by Lisa Onstad

For many years I participated in holiday sales with my artist girlfriends. I painted lots of little paintings of birds and flowers and enjoyed seeing my customers returning year after year to add to their collection. It’s been several years now since I’ve painted a bird or a flower and it was fun getting into the studio this last week to paint flowers for my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift.